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Arigato, my negrumps. (THANK YOU and UPDATE)

Posted by Narmak - October 4th, 2015

I would like to take this moment to say Aloha Snackbar. I would also like to take this moment to say thank you to all the peeps that watched and rated my latest aniamtion, no matter what rating you gave it. I made Scooby's Bizarre Adventure as a building block to improve my "animation skills", and the feedback I've gotten from some of you on what I can improve on is absolutely smashing. And the support I've received so far is greater than that of a super-bra holding up 210 lbs of saggy grandma milk bags to make ol' granny feel young and hip again. I love you.

Also, as an update to what I'm planning to do/working on, my next animation will NOT be Scooby's Bizarre Adventure 2. I'm working on a new animation with new (yet familiar) characters in a wacky environment, which shall not be spoiled here. This next one is my biggest, most ambitious animation yet, with the end goal being to practice and perfect fight scenes and effects, as it was amazingly animated fight scenes that got me intrigued in animation in the first place. It will take some time to complete this bad boy, but chins up buttercups, I am working on it diligently almost everyday. I garuntee this ish will be finished before the end of this year, BELIEVE IT.

Thank you again hombres, BYE HAVE A GOOD TIME!!



Comments (5)

Looking forward to your next work sir, I'm sure it'll be awesome :3

you are a very talented artist, and i admire your work...

great humour, great drawings, and amazing animation sequences...

some parts can be disturbing sometimes, but i still like your works,
you're great, keep it up!

The disturbing parts are the best parts though :)
Thank you for the compliments, I'm happy that you like my work!

Well first to hell with Kishimoto's crap regarding Nar-Shit-To, I did want to ask, as funny as they are, are those just parodies you come up with...?

Or are you a homosexual?

Legit question. I find the parodies funny as hell but I'm keeping my distance if it's the latter.

No I'm not gay, though I'm not sure why that would matter.

Newgrounds tells me to spill my thoughts so I will. You're fucking awesome and your natural sense for anime memes and animation is on point. But you need to work on anatomy. The rest you don't need to be told anything. You've gone this far (in the west nonetheless) so no doubt you'll only get better. But if I were you I would do two things: save any good MAD of Norimitsu Suzuki and Yutaka Nakamura for animation reference, and get Yoh Yoshinari's rough sketches for physical drawing reference. The first two I do out of personal preference for reference (although if you want to make fight scenes you have to watch some Nakamura fight scenes) but Yoshinari's rough sketches are 300 pages worth of almost every possible reference for an animator. He fits such a variety of different drawings on a single page that he had an extra hundred to just doodle animals, landscapes and special effects. Having that book just sitting on your desk is like having a thesaurus for an English test. But still, amazing job. I'm currently making my own pilot cartoon with an anime style (don't worry, I've got professional level skill in art not a pleb) so knowing that there's at least one westerner out there who's trying for more than just petty low skill and effort cartoons in animation is pretty encouraging.

Thank you Narmak, for making anime Sponge bob. I truly love it & in my opinium, this second one is the best of this year 2018. You are a legend.