Entry #1

I am an Animator from hell.

2015-09-17 21:43:38 by Narmak

Hello beautiful. If you're reading this, you have discovered me, Narmak, prince of all negrumps. I create magnanimous animations stemming from the silky passion residing deep in my gooey heart. My lust for a moving picture drives my hormones to the edge; I simply must animate, else my body will be sucked into the nether, my soul banished into the underpit of an obese, diseased ogre who does not want me in his swamp. I hope you all enjoy my animations!!!!!


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2015-09-18 00:15:01

You've got some great animation skill, brah :3

Narmak responds:

I love you.

But yeah this is animation #1, more to come soon my man.


2015-09-18 03:13:49

Nice to meet you sir.

Narmak responds:

I echo that statement, my good man. Top of the mornin' to ye.


2015-09-20 01:55:59

Why not use your skill for good instead of cheap entertainment? You could draw such beautiful and meaningful cartoons filled with beauty, but for that you must change... You must become truly human. Sacrifice yourself for others (give to the poor, suffer from hunger if needed, give from what you would otherwise keep for yourself). Kill your ego and become a true human, brother!

Narmak responds:

You think I wasn't once human? Is it in your mind that I did not once enjoy a life of a normal person? I used to use my skills in art for beauty and love...until that day. He barged upon my door with his mighty ogre fists, howling at the top of his lungs for entrance. His onion-stenched breath permeated the air, and his feisty green eyes looked beyond the wall that separated us and into my soul. Shrek was upon me, for he had chosen me to be his apostle. What happened in that room after he broke through the door I cannot speak of, for I fear the mental damage such memories will inflict upon me. I am beyond help now. Aloha snackbar.


2015-09-20 20:44:46

Dude that Scooby animation...i mean...hum hum...nice to meet you !

Narmak responds:

Pleasure is all mine. I just joined newgrounds, and the community is yummy in my tummy. I don't think anybody would've sent me a message like this on youtube.


2015-09-21 00:25:02

Man, it's stuff like your Scooby video that make me realize I still have a long way to go :P